Paul Clements announces candidacy for U.S. Congress


Paul Clements announced his campaign to unseat incumbent Republican congressman Fred Upton.

Clements is an independent democrat and a professor since 1996 at Western Michigan University where he teaches national economic and social development strategies. 

Clements has spent his career working to increase the impact of government development programs and make them more accountable, according to a press release announcing his candidacy.

“I will use my expertise to work for a more effective government, building on southwest Michigan’s core assets—the industry of our people, our abundant natural resources and our appetite for innovation and exploration,” Clements said in the press release.

As congressman Clements said he would:

•Work cooperatively with the educational institutions and the private sector to build a robust economy around high tech manufacturing jobs in southwest Michigan.

•Give parents, teachers and students the tools they need for building excellent schools—starting with access to preschool for all children.

•Protect open spaces, rivers and the Great Lakes, and ensuring polluters, not taxpayers, pay to clean up accidents.

Clements said he would work to get past the political nonsense that is gripping Congress to build a prosperous 21st century for southwest Michigan.

“Here in southwest Michigan that means redoubling our commitment to the things that represent our strength as a community and a country—innovation, education, high tech manufacturing, and small town and rural development,” he said. “It means taking our head out of the sand to confront climate change and protect our Great Lakes, rivers, groundwater and open space in order to protect not only our economy, but our very way of life.”

Clements is an elder of the Presbyterian church. He and his wife, Aedin, have been married for 24 years and their two daughters are graduates of Kalamazoo Central High School.

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