County election results released

AAESA millages pass, Otsego has trouble with charter amendments

UPDATE: The following are official tallies; Canvassers certified results Friday, Nov. 7.

The following are unofficial vote tallies for ballot questions and local races in the Tuesday, Nov. 4, general election. Official results will be certfied by the Board of Canvassers later this week. Write-in vote totals for Allegan and Wayland school boards will be posted as they become available.

Bold denotes incumbent candidates. (w) denotes write-in candidates.

Watch this site for updated results as we receive them.

Allegan Area Educational Service Agency
Special education millage increase of 0.5203 mill to a total of 3.05 mills, 20 years
10,562 yes  / 9,993 no
Vocational-technical education millage increase of 0.3037 mill to a total of 1.78 mills, 20 years
10,651 yes  / 9,914 no

48th Circuit Court
One six-year term
Kevin W. Cronin  22,455

57th District Court
One six-year term
Joseph S. Skocelas  20,874

Allegan County Commission

District 1
One two-year term
Dean Kapenga (R)  4,367

District 2
One two-year term
Jim Storey (R)  4,615

District 3
One two-year term
Max R. Thiele (R)               2,955
Stephen J. Young (US TAX)    943

District 4
One two-year term
D. Mark DeYoung (R)  4,347

District 5
One two-year term
Tom Jessup (R)  2,686

District 6
One two-year term
Jon C. Campbell (R)  2,955

District 7
One two-year term
Don Black (R)  2,955

Allegan Public Schools
School board, three six-year terms
Mary Cone Kasprzyk      3,035
Travis Hunziker (w)            140
Victory Knuckles (w)         226
Patricia (Trish) Sousley (w)  134
Ryan J. Powers (w)              113
Ryan Patrick Steward (w)      58
Lane Sturman (w)               147

Casco Township
Senior millage, 0.25 mill, 4 years
675 yes  /  236 no
Dorr Township
Township supervisor, four-year term
Jeff Miling (R)           2,012

Township treasurer, partial term expires in 2016
Jim Martin (R)           1,959

Douglas City
Four two-year terms
William H. Japinga   315
Neal Seabert             301
Eric W. Smith           286
James I. Wiley         378

Fennville City
Operating millage renewal (increase of 2.5999 mills) to maximum 15 mills
112 yes  /  105 no

Fennville Public Schools
School board, two six-year terms
Bernie Garlock          811
Tobias Hutchins    1,150
John Raak            1,160

School board, two four-year terms
Julio Cesar Almanza   1,279
Juliet Michele               1,412

Fillmore Township
Holland BPW franchise, 30 years
707 yes  /  178 no

Glenn Public School
School board, two four-year terms*
Scott Bruursema       69
Rebecca Gunderson  77
Lisa A. Stinson            86

School board, one six-year term
P. Kirk Van Horn     101

*The Allegan County Clerk's office confirmed Nov. 12 that ballots correctly specified only two four-year seats were up for election. Other information initially contradicted this, including the official tally sheet the Board of Canvassers used to certify the election results (it said there were three such seats). The clerk's office has said the error has been rectified.

Hamilton Community Schools
School board, three six-year terms
Amy Berarducci     3,341
Mike Jurries          3,532
Corla Wedeven     3,514

Operating millage, 18 mills, two years
3,816 yes  /  1,441 no

Hopkins Public Schools
School board, three six-year terms
Benjamin Brenner            1,358
Jay Gibson                          993
John Myers                     1,202
Traci Rhoades                    773
Tamara Sevenski-Popma    762

Village of Hopkins
President, two-year term
Mary M. Howard (w)       47
Clerk, two-year term
Mike Alberda (w)           41
Treasurer, two-year term
Mary Swainston (w)       43
Trustees, six two-year terms
Vernon Bellgraph (w)     42
Benjamin Brenner (w)    36
Greg Buist (w)               44
Steve Stearns (w)          45
Larry Switek (w)            42
Terry Weick (w)             42

Laketown Township
Holland BPW franchise, 30 years
1,959 yes  /  452 no

Martin Public Schools
School board, five four-year terms
Sarah Brenner          663
Jennifer Harrison     550
Scott KuyKendall       535
Jason Moored          667
Vincent L. Tuinstra  746
John VandenBerg      797

Village of Martin
President, two-year term
Gary Brinkhuis            81
Clerk, two-year term
Darcy Doezema           86
Treasurer, two-year term
Anita Rambadt            91
Trustees, two four-year terms
Donald M. Flower       76
Earl Wykstra               75

Otsego City
Charter amendments:
1: allow relatives to work for city

227 yes  /  725 no
2: allow city funds outside city limits
471 yes  /  471 no
3: allow bond passage with majority vote
532 yes  /  393 no
4: restore maximum tax rate to 12.5 mills
212 yes  /  739 no

Otsego Public Schools
School board, three six-year terms
Eric DeJong                     1,324
Lisa L. Imus                    1,831
Jay Petty                         1,120
Stephen E. Podewell          692
Renny R. Ransbottom   1,746
Scot Reitenour               1,698

Plainwell City Council
Three four-year terms
Richard Brooks     542
Brad Keeler           535
Roger D. Keeney   430
Jeffrey Lyons          382
Chris Slinkman       351

Plainwell Community Schools
School board, four four-year terms
Julli Bennett                    2,432
Amy Blades                     2,516
Leandra Hawkins Burke    1,020
Kim Shafer                      1,589
Shannon Zabaldo            1,411

School board, partial term (expires 2016)
Thom Berlin  2,023

Saugatuck City
Four two-year terms
Mark Bekken          278
Barry E. Johnson    270
John Porzondek      108
Kenneth G. Trester  292
Jane Verplank        267

Saugatuck Public Schools
School board, three four-year terms
Jason Myers             1,377
Jeff Myers                1,300
Gordon Jay Stannis  1,247

Wayland Union Public Schools
School board, three four-year terms
Toni Ordway                      3,346
Delee Bruining (w)                   34
Janel Lynn Hott (w)                329
Peter Bernard Zondervan (w)  114

How Allegan County Voted:

U.S. Senate
Six-year term
Terri Lynn Land (R)     19,739
Gary Peters (D)          13,667

(Peters won by an unofficial tally of 1,288,126 to 1,702,460)

District 2 U.S. House of Representatives
Two-year term
Bill Huizenga (R)          379
Dean Vanderstelt (D)  172

(Huizenga won by an unofficial tally of 135,570 to 70,850)

District 6 U.S. House of Representatives
Two-year term
Fred Upton (R)       21,675
Paul Clements (D)  11,246

(Upton won by an unofficial tally of 116,601 to 84,391)

Michigan Governor
Four-year term
Rick Snyder (R)     23,301
Mark Schauer (D)  11,187

(Snyder won by an unofficial tally of 1,605,034 to 1,476,904)

Michigan Secretary of State
Four-year term
Ruth Johnson (R)     23,127
Godfrey Dillard (D)  10,069

(Johnson won by an unofficial tally of 1,646,243 to 1,320,705)

Michigan Attorney General
Four-year term
Bill Schuette (R)     22,683
Mark Totten (D)  10,313

(Schuette won by an unofficial tally of 1,600,813 to 1,357,979)

District 26 Michigan Senate
Four-year term
Tonya Schuitmaker (R)   22,101
Jim Walters (D)               10,991

(Schuitmaker won by an unofficial tally of 47,245 to 26,781)

District 72 Michigan House of Representatives
Two-year term
Ken Yonker (R)        4,719
Kemal Hamulic (D)  1,458

(Yonker won by an unofficial tally of 17,884 to 8329)

District 80 Michigan House of Representatives
Two-year term
Cindy Gamrat (R)       17,630
Geoff Parker (D)           9,451
Arnis Davidsons (LIB)   1,003

State Proposal 1
Referendum of PA 520 of 2012, establish hunting season for wolves
17,798 yes  /  15,757 no

(It failed statewide by the unofficial tally of 1,315,830 to 1,604,012)

State Proposal 2
Referendum of PA 21 of 2013, allowing DNR to designate wolves as game
14,541 yes  /  18,877 no

(It failed statewide by the unofficial tally of 1,049,713 to 1,853,558)


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