2014: Red hot dress for a red hot performer. Alva Morgan, ladies and gentlemen—one of many longtime performers in the Allegan Cabaret Band Show.She sings, she dances—with Jestina Geddes and Alison Peterson.2014's Cabaret Band Show had much singing and dancing, including these pirates.I nominate Paul Hodge (left) for best costume of this year's show. he is singing here with Jacob Norman.The incomparable Dean Michaels.Dr. Tim Dickinson still has the programs from each of his 25 years of performing in the show, courtesy his wife. Here are a couple of the earliest (the one on the left is from 1988).More programs from earlier years, this time from the 2000's.One of Dr. Tim Dickinson's fondest memories of performing in the show was singing "Sh-boom" with a group of buddies; here's the cast list from that year.

Allegan’s Cabaret Band Show shows expertise and comedy for its 30th performance

Basement Beat
Ryan Lewis, Editor

If you missed the Cabaret Band Show this year, you missed a good one.

My wife and I made it to opening night, and it was a blast.

I mention it because there will be a letter in our next paper that talks about how much this year’s show raised for Wings of Hope Hospice and Wings Home.

I’m not surprised it did so well; the opening night crowd, sometimes raucous, was strong and always enthusiastic.

Dean Michaels, Charles Walker, the band members, the performers—and dancers, new this year—and all the volunteers do such a great job putting on this ever-more-elaborate production.

It had great music; it had dancing; it had singing-and-dancing; it had Alva Morgan as a kind of strange old lady character—and, later, red-hot Alva in her diva-red dress; it had pirates; it had exceptional singing and instrumental talent. It really is a professional, entertaining, comedic and emotional show.

As usual, the rewriting of the lyrics of popular songs into ads for the show’s sponsors were brilliant.

I had the privilege this year of speaking with newcomer to the show, country singer Nate Douglas—who really took charge of that stage—as well as longtime participant Dr. Tim Dickinson. Every year, I learn more and more about this show’s long history and the tradition of hard work that goes into making it.

Congratulations to all on a successful 30th show. Everyone involved should know that this community is proud to support both you and the efforts of Wings of Hope.


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