Publisher's note: Do you need help? Write us!

Mike Wilcox, Publisher

We at the Allegan County News and Union Enterprise are beginning to prepare for this year’s Christmas Wish program. The holidays are a time of giving, particularly to the less fortunate, and we want to help out as many area families as possible through our Christmas Wish Program.

In the next few weeks we are asking readers who find themselves or their family in a dire situation to write us and, in detail, tell us what you or your family would like to make Christmas a happy occasion.

Despite what many experts say is an improving economy, I believe that improvement has been slow to come by for many folks in this area. Allegan County, minus the lakeshore, is not exactly a prosperous, well-to-do Michigan county.

This simply accentuates the fact that many of us are going to have difficulty providing for our families this Christmas. That’s where this newspaper, with the help of area businesses and more fortunate individuals, comes in to play.

If you need help we ask that you write a letter to us explaining why. Please do not ask for a new car or cruise vacation. Please be realistic in what you ask for. We will be selective and help only those families who truly need help. You can mail your letter to the Allegan County News or Union Enterprise at P.O. Box 189, Allegan, MI 49010. Better yet, you can send your letter by email to Deadline for us to receive letters is Dec. 2.

We in turn take the best letters to area businesses, who help provide money and donations to see that the Christmas Wish list is fulfilled. We and area businesses have literally helped hundreds of families over the years in areas we serve. Although this is the first year for this program here in Allegan County, we are hoping to help nearly a hundred families with cash and gifts.

In the past, we have been surprised by the generosity of community members donating for this program at our other papers. A couple of donors have provided $1,000 in cash to help the program. In one instance, I was vacuuming our office when I came upon an envelope lying on the floor. I opened the envelope and, lo and behold, inside were 10, crisp $100 bills. An anonymous person had simply opened the office and tossed the money inside without anyone noticing.

For a closet Scrooge like myself, I can’t believe the generosity of businesspeople and residents in the area. The old adage “we take care of our own,” certainly applies. I’m sure the same will be said for Allegan County and its business owners and residents.

Letters we have received in previous years have motivated us to find an apartment for a homeless couple, purchase a gravestone for a distraught widow, provide a vehicle and gas money for a family to travel 200 miles to meet relatives for Christmas dinner; as well as provided countless articles of clothing, toys by the truckload and groceries for dozens of families in need.

Thus, if you legitimately need help, and I stress LEGITIMATELY, write us a letter. Who knows? Our selection committee might pick your letter, and we could be at your doorstep with a car-ful of gifts and a nice envelope of cash. All you have to do is write or email to the addresses above.

Here’s to a happy and bountiful holiday.

Mike Wilcox, Publisher

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