We want to help; send us ‘wishes’

Ryan Lewis, Editor

I’m writing to again implore our community to write in to let us know who needs help this Christmas.

We at The Allegan County News and Union Enterprise want to help raise money for those who are less fortunate and could use a hand making spirits bright this Christmas.

It’s our Christmas Wish program. Readers who find themselves or their family or know of someone else’s family who are in a dire situation may write us and, in detail, tell us what would make Christmas a happy occasion.

We’ll accept letters through Dec. 2—but don’t wait. Send them now and we’ll highlight some of the letters we receive to let everyone know the kinds of circumstances we’re trying to help out with. (We’ll share the requests anonymously, of course.)

For example, the first letter we received is from the daughter of a very giving woman. The daughter writes, “I want to tell you about my mom. I do not know how she does it, but she does.

“When she was in her 40s, she took in her two grandkids and me to have a roof over our heads and food. She did not ask for anything. But she worked 16 hours a day, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., the overnight shift. She only got about four hours of sleep a day.

She was in her 50s when she took care of her own mother until she passed away.

Now, she took me in her home and two grandkids. She transports me to work and back home and makes sure the grandkids are off to school and transports them to doctor’s appointments, etc.

“I offer her things—some money or help her with groceries or pay for gas and she says, ‘No.’

“The only thing she lives on now is her disability check she gets once a month to live on. I do not know how she lives on it.

“So, my wish is to help her in some way or another.

“She does not ask for help from nobody, but she helps everybody else she can. She has a heart of gold.

“She always says, ‘God will provide.’

“I love my mom very much. I would not know where I would be without her.”

Look to your communities. Let us know who could use a hand. We want to help.

We’ll take the letters from those most in need to area businesses, who can hopefully help provide money and donations to see some Christmas Wish lists fulfilled.

Mail your letter to the Allegan County News or Union Enterprise at P.O. Box 189, Allegan, MI 49010. Better yet, send your letter by email to editor@allegannews.com.

Our publisher, Mike Wilcox, has said he runs the same program in several other communities and has seen the community rally around the project. Read his own appeal for letters here.

Thanks in advance for writing in and/or helping donate to this very worthy cause. Don’t wait—write us now.


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