Allegan grad plans to make 'biggest part ever' safe

Kayla Deneau, Staff Writer

“It’s going to be 100-percent safe,” said 19-year-old Clayton Brann of the “Project Michi­gan” party he and his friend, Jus Flyy, plan for Saturday, Aug. 23.
“I just want to leave Michi­gan with a bang,” Brann said. “Put Michigan on the map and show people what we’re capable of.”
The Allegan High School graduate is moving to Cali­fornia for the Young Ameri­cans—a traveling music group that educates children through music and dance worldwide.
Brann said he expects approximately 10,000 people to attend.
 The event’s Facebook page is back up after Brann said it was deleted after going too viral too quickly.
The party follows a recent 2,000-person rave in Mecos­ta County during which several people were injured.
“A lot of people think I’m crazy trying to top it,” Brann said. “I want to show people that they can come together, have an amazing time and have nothing bad happen.”
The party is for people 18 years old and older and each person has so sign a waiver, according to Brann.
“Everyone has to have an ID to get in and it has to be scanned,” he said. “If it doesn’t scan, they aren’t getting in.”
He said wristbands will be available for those 21-and-older, and the event will have a lot of security.
“We’re covering ourselves,” Brann said. “We’re trying to make it as safe as can be for us and for the people there.”
He said he does not think police will be an issue since they have witnessed the precautions being taken.
Allegan City police chief Rick Hoyer remains skeptical about the party.
“I’m concerned,” he said. “I know Clayton from the high school and don’t want him to do anything to negatively impact his life or the lives of party-goers.
“Clayton is talented and I know he sees this as a way to get his name out there and get the exposure, but these aren’t the kind of folks who will advance his career.”
Hoyer said he spoke with Brann last week to get his thoughts and share experience from a law enforcement perspective.
“Based on our past experiences and history with these events, there is nothing that is going to go on there that is healthy for the folks attending or the community,” he said.
The event—which will not be in Allegan County—will feature several performers including Brann.
As of press time, more than 3,000 individuals confirmed they would be attending on the Facebook event, with nearly 25,000 invited.
“I know I’m meant to do big things and people think that since I’m from a small town I can’t. That’s not true,” Brann said. “I’m excited for what there is to come. I’m excited to make history and have the biggest party ever thrown by two local guys from Michigan.”


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