Church sponsors Allegan City candidate debate

Editor's note: City hall did not help organize this debate. See their press release announcing as much here. This story's headline was not meant to imply to imply as much; it was merely a reference to Allegan City candidates.


A debate for Allegan City Council candidates is planned for Friday, Nov. 1, at 7 p.m.

Pastor Austin T. Kreutz of Restoration Christian Community said, “This year, Allegan city will be electing a large number of candidates for city council positions. To help inform the public, Restoration Christian Community is proud to sponsor a debate night for the public to hear the candidates debate one another concerning the current issues facing the City of Allegan.”

He said candidates will be invited to share their views and answer questions submitted by the public.

Questions for the candidates may be submitted to

Kreutz said questions will be sorted out before the debate and candidates will have no prior knowledge of the questions. There will be time for rebuttals between candidates.

He said candidates who refuse to participate will be represented by a empty chair.

“The debate will be a demonstration of the candidates’ willingness to engage the public, one another, and exchange ideas in open debate,” Kreutz said. “This is important to see how they think on their feet.

“The last time we did this, the audience was thankful for the opportunity, as it was an aid in their decisions for voting. This debate is just another opportunity to serve our community and promote citizen involvement in the electoral process.

“I am so thankful we have a church in town willing to let us use their facility.”

The debate will be at Christ Community Church, 3370 113th Ave. in Allegan.

For more information, call (269) 567-8330.


Editor’s note: This story has been to corrected to refer to the accurate day of the week on which the debate will occur. The debate will be Friday, Nov. 1 (NOT Monday).


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