City of Allegan government did not organize candidate debate

The City of Allegan announced Friday, Oct. 18, it had not participated in planning an upcoming city council candidate debate.

City manager Joel Dye said city hall had received several inquiries based on a story in the Oct. 17 Allegan County News headlined “Church sponsors Allegan City candidate debate” despite the article stating that Restoration Christian Community Church is sponsoring the debate.

“The city has received inquiries from the public questioning why the city is partnering with a church to host a political debate,” Dye said. “To be clear, the City of Allegan is not part of the debate being hosted by Restoration Christian Community Church.

“Also it should be noted that the City of Allegan was not part of the council forum on Oct. 15 that took place at the Allegan District Library.

“Outside overseeing the election process, the government of the City of Allegan does not take part in political processes.”


Editor’s note: The headline was not meant to imply the city government organized the debate. It was merely a reference to Allegan City candidates. The newspaper apologizes for any unintended ambiguity.



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