There were also larger legos available for kids to build with. Here, from left, Gracen Stormzand, Leah Toppen and Wyatt Zuniga spread the blocks out to view them easier.The table contained multiple bowls and totes so the children could spread out to their own workspace.Even with room to spread out, these kids (clockwise from front of the table) Caleb Toppen, Abraham Garces, Caden Toppen and Lily Garces, huddled around the largest bin of legos.Landry Zuniga building his lego creation.Wyatt Zuniga builds a tall tower, piece by piece. Caleb Toppen (left) and Abraham Garces finding the perfect pieces in the tote.Caleb Toppen placing the piece in the precise area to make his vision come to life.8-year-old Kammden Raab concentrates on making his ideas come together before his eyes.

Lego Club

Children making their dreams a reality
Kayla Deneau, Staff Writer

Allegan District Library hosted the children’s Lego Club on Monday, April7.

Each meeting, the children are presented with a challenge to complete; this time it was a Lego self-portrait. 
Youth services librarian Sharon Croster-Toy said they rarely complete the provided challenge.
“It’s an idea if they don’t know what to build,” she said. “But I’m always amazed by what they build. They have ingenious ideas.”
After the children complete a creation, they can get their picture taken with their masterpiece. Croster-Toy keeps the photos in a binder for them to view.


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