Libraries introduce Sasha the cat

Kayla Deneau, Staff Writer

Hopkins Dis­trict Library and Dorr Town­ship library patrons have gotten to know a new furry friend recently—Sasha the library cat.

Sasha splits her time between the two libraries with their director Natalie Bazan.

Bazan said she had been looking into the possibility of a library cat when Sasha literally fell into her lap.

Her mother was out in a park and heard meowing. When she followed the noise, she found Sasha in a tree.

“She coaxed Sasha halfway down, then she fell the rest of the way out of the tree,” Bazan said.

Her mother was unable to take the cat back to work, so she called Bazan to pick her up. After being checked by a veterinarian, Sasha was introduced to her new homes.

The Japanese bobtail is a low-allergen cat, Bazan said she has yet to have any complaints from library visitors.

“She only comes in two days a week to each library and is a low-dander breed,” Bazan said. “Her tail looks like a nub but it is all coiled up inside, kind of like a pig’s tail. It’s normal for the breed.”

She had already been in contact with several libraries that had cats, including one in Delton. The book “Dewey the Library Cat” helped spark the idea.

When found, Sasha weighed only three pounds and was approximately five months old, but now the library kitty is spoiled, Bazan said.

“Several people bring in cat food and toys,” she said. “We get people in who didn’t come to the library much before, but now come to see Sasha.

“Home schooling families have switched which days they come in so they can see her.”


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