Miner Lake assessment set for new control dam

Virginia Ransbottom, Staff Writer

An assessment roll to repay $315,000 in costs to replace a dam at Miner Lake was approved by county commissioners at the Thursday, March 12, meeting.

The assessment will cost about 270 Miner Lake residents $1,202.29 for each acre that benefits from the lake level. The assessment is payable in eight years, or $150 a year. Some residents with partial access will pay $601.15 for half an acre, or $75 a year for eight years.

Allegan County drain commission engineer Glenn Pomp said while the lake levels had been set in 1965, after an inspection of the 50-year-old control structure in 2012, it was determined to be a liability.

While the board gates are still operational, the sloping surface is unsafe for the operator to reach the controls. The structure around the dam is made of earth and steel sheets that act as a spillway where the water is led to five tubes and then to Miner Creek.

The tubes have decayed and are close to collapse, making the road above them about to collapse. Heavy rain results in water flowing over the earth portion of the dam and the steel sheets are deteriorated and pinholed with leaks.

A new structure would tie the dam into the embankment and make controlling the lake levels more efficient, Pomp said.

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