Monterey Board works to correct failed audit

Kayla Deneau, Staff Writer

The Monterey Township board called a special meeting Tuesday, July 15, in order to jointly complete a corrective action plan after failing the Audit of Minimum Assessing Requirements.

The audit requires a 90-percent accuracy rating to pass; Monterey received an 82-percent accuracy rating.

Each Allegan County township was audited this year.

Township clerk Jennifer Frank said the township’s report highlighted seven points that need to be addressed.

The township must have the plan, outlining steps to be taken and deadlines of when the deficiencies will be corrected, to the State Tax Commission by the July 25 deadline.

“Six of these points are minor and we’ve already taken corrective action on them, but for the seventh we have some choices we need to make,” she said.

The seventh point is bringing appraisal record cards to a 90-percent or greater accuracy rating.

Township resident Al Radspeiler made it known he blamed the new assessor, Brian Busscher, for the failed audit.

Radspeiler asked who voted to hire Busscher. Upon hearing it was a unanimous vote he exclaimed, “Every­one’s a dumbbell!”

Supervisor Nevin Cooper-Keel and Busscher repeatedly reminded the audience that the former assessor completed the work audited, not Busscher.

Busscher said in order to be in compliance, the township must meet 90-percent accuracy by the end of 2015. He is currently working on the 2015 rolls.

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