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Precinct vote tallies
Ryan Lewis, Editor

Last up: Local township ballot proposals with multiple precincts.

This is the last of the precinct data available from the Aug. 5 primary. I started this series with this story detailing voter turnout. Since then, I’ve posted stories with the precinct tallies for the county’s senior millage, the 911 surcharge proposal, the State House races, the U.S. House race, the District 6 county commission race, the library millages for Plainwell and Saugatuck-Douglas, and the school operating millage renewals.

The data below is from the certified election results held by the Allegan County Clerk’s office.


Allegan Township

Allegan Township voters passed all three ballot proposals before them.

The first two were renewals for road funding, each set at 1-mill and four years, generating $121,029 next year. The first, for road improvement pass by a 487-179 vote; the second, for road resurfacing, passed by a 484-174 vote.

A third proposal was for a new, four-year, 0.25-mill tax to fund fire equipment; it passed by a 375-284 vote.

By precinct (pairs of yes-no votes):

Allegan Township, Precinct 1:  road prop 1: 364 / 119;  road prop 2: 355 / 117;  fire: 282 / 196

Allegan Township, Precinct 2:  road prop 1: 123 / 60;  road prop 2: 129 / 57;  fire: 93 / 88


Dorr Township

Road millage

Dorr voters turned down a 2.75-mill, seven-year road tax by a 644-622 vote. It had been designed to boost available funds for reconstruction, resurfacing, and improvement of public roads and streets.

Dorr’s previous 1-mill road tax expired last year before and township officials did not realize it was doing so until it was too late to get in on ballots then.

Dorr Township Supervisor Jeff Miling said the township would have time to put a 1-mill version of the tax on the ballot for November if this one failed.

The former 1-mill tax raised approximately $210,000 to maintain gravel roads, pay for dust control, replace culverts, and pay for roadside cutting, chip and seal and patching.

By precinct:

Dorr Township, Precinct 1:  178  /  169

Dorr Township, Precinct 2:  255  /  290

Dorr Township, Precinct 3:  189  /  185



Incumbent Jeff Miling won the three-person race for the Republican nomination for Dorr Township Supervisor.

The partial term was created when Tammy VanHaitsma resigned in spring 2013; she was elected in 2012. Miling was appointed to replace her and will now serve out the remainder of the four-year term.

Miling beat out fellow township board members for the nomination, Patty Senneker and John W. Tuinstra—both elected to four-year terms in 2012.

Miling had 561 votes to Senneker’s 198 and Tuinstra’s 327.

By precinct: (tallies are alphabetical: Miling, then Senneker, then Tuinstra)

Dorr Township, Precinct 1:  159  /  50  /  97

Dorr Township, Precinct 2:  256  /  94  /  128

Dorr Township, Precinct 3:  146  /  54  /  102


Gun Plain Township

Gun Plain voters passed a 10-year, 2-mill road tax by a 482-380 tally.

This millage is twice the size of one that expired in 2012. This one will bring in an estimated $400,000 this year for road maintenance and/or improvements.

By precinct: (yes / no)

Gun Plain Township, Precinct 1:  329  /  232

Gun Plain Township, Precinct 2:  153  /  148


Laketown Township

Laketown voters renewed a multi-use, 2-mill, two-year tax by a 713-324 vote.

The longtime millage can be used to funds road improvements, culvert repair, fire service and bike paths. The tax will raise an estimated $688,622 this year.

By precinct (yes / no):

Laketown Township, Precinct 1: 236  /  86

Laketown Township, Precinct 2: 397  /  171

Laketown Township, Precinct 3: 80  /  67


Otsego Township

Otsego Township voters approved a new, five-year, 1.5-mill road tax by a 376-275 vote. It will collect an estimated $234,929 this year.

By precinct (yes / no):

Otsego Township, Precinct 1: 232  /  155

Otsego Township, Precinct 2: 144  /  120


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