Basement Beat: County commission, District 6

Precinct voting totals
Ryan Lewis, Editor (Allegan County News)

Up next: the 6th District, Allegan County Board of Commissioners. Overall, longtime incumbent Jon Campbell won the Republican nomination with 792 votes to challenger and former commissioner Bill Sage, who earned 594 votes.

For the benefit of Union Enterprise readers unaccustomed to my occasional online column for The Allegan County News, I’m Ryan Lewis. As the editor of that paper, I have a mostly weekly column called “Out of the Basement Office,” and I post these “Basement Beat” columns online when I have additional information to share for which I didn’t quite have room or when I find something interesting in my mailbox.

I’ve been posting a series of these columns detailing precinct-level tallies from the Aug. 5 primary for about the last week or so, starting with this one.

Since this county commission race directly relates to those living in Plainwell and Otsego, I’m sharing it with Union Enterprise readers as well. Click on the Allegan News link on the home page to find more—so far, I’ve posted the precinct data on voter turnout, both county ballot proposals, the State House race and the U.S. House race.

District 6, reapportioned in 2012 when the county board was switched from 11 members to seven, includes the City of Otsego and Hopkins, Otsego, Trowbridge and Watson townships.

Campbell is unchallenged on the Nov. 4 ballot.

The data below is from a list provided by the Allegan County Clerk’s office. Vote tallies are presented alphabetically (Campbell, then Sage).

By precinct:

Hopkins Township, Precinct 1:  120  /  127

Otsego Township, Precinct 1:  186  /  114

Otsego Township, Precinct 2:  137  /  55

Trowbridge Township, Precinct 1:  127  /  137

Watson Township, Precinct 1:  74  /  73

Otsego City, Precinct 1:  148  /  88


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