City Workers Trim Tree Branches That Pose Threat To Michigan Resident


According to, Dearborn Heights resident Hussein Fawaz is dealing with the aftermath of a large branch falling from a tree on his property onto his car.

But this isn't the first time. In fact, Fawaz says it's the fourth time the tree's branches have caused damage to his vehicle over the past five years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration classifies a car's windshield as one of the primary components of a vehicle's safety restraint system. Fortunately, this Michigan resident wasn't in his vehicle when the branch fell. Instead, he was alerted by his daughter, who noticed upon looking through the front window and simply said, "Dad, something went through the windshield of your truck."

Fawaz said he didn't think the damage would be so severe, with damages costing about $800 in total to repair.

While unexpected costs are certainly an inconvenience for car owners everywhere, Fawaz notes that it's the safety of his children that he considers truly worrisome.

"If I can’t have my kids come out and play outside of their house, what kind of community am I even living in?" he said.

Fawaz has taken multiple efforts to solve the problem. He's been in contact with the city on and off regarding complaints about the tree since 2012, but has been told that since the tree is alive, that "we can’t cut it; don’t cut it, but trim it to the point where it is safe."

Fawaz also says that even though the tree was trimmed in the summer of 2016, the problem quickly returned.

"Just a little gust of wind, and we’ve got branches breaking off," he said.

The 7's Taking Action Team went out to look for answers from the city, and when they did, they got them.

The very same afternoon, one of the representatives from the city's Department of Public Works came to Fawaz's residence in Dearborn Heights to take a look at the offending tree. Although he didn't want to be on camera, he acknowledged that certain parts of the tree had died. He also said that tree trimmers would be issued to visit Fawaz's residence and take care of the problem the next day.

True to their word, Fawaz said that city workers came the next day to remove the branches that continued to be a threat to Fawaz and his family.

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