Michigan Lawmaker Proposes to Keep Daylight Savings Time Forever

This past Sunday, Americans all across the country lost an hour of sleep as we sprung forward into our springtime daylight savings time. First conceived by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, and implemented nationwide by President Woodrow Wilson in 1918, the idea behind daylight savings time (DST) is simple. If we add an hour to the day, meaning the sun will already be shining when we wake up, Americans will end up using less energy and conserve more daylight. 

And considering that the average American home spends about 2.7% of their income on energy bills, amounting to about $2,000 a year, Americans can certainly benefit from the energy-saving DST.

Except, one Michigan lawmaker seems to disagree. 

State Representative Pete Lucido agrees with the benefits of DST but is frustrated at the fact that the nation has to keep changing back and forth twice a year.

"It's not about the actual time. It's about changing that hour. That's what causes all the trouble," explains Lucido to the Detroit Free Press.

He's not wrong -- every year after daylight savings time in both the spring and fall, there are reportedly more traffic accidents, an increased number of on-the-job injuries due to lack of focus and sleep, along with a higher rate of heart attacks, strokes, and seizures. Even dairy cows have trouble producing milk, and chickens aren't laying eggs like they were in the days before.

Not to mention that according to a new study out of the Boston University Medical Center, daylight savings time leads to higher miscarriage rates among women undergoing in vitro fertilization.

So with this in mind, what does Lucido plan to do? He is planning on submitting a bill that would permanently keep DST for the state of Michigan while eliminating Eastern Standard Time for good. The bill will reach Michigan Congress within the next few months.

It looks like Lucido may be onto something after all. Along with his new proposal, there are 23 similar state legislatures throughout the country. 

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