New Holland Brewing Company Launches Grand Rapids Restaurant


New Holland Brewing Company, the much-beloved craft beer maker headquartered just outside of Allegan County, has finally opened its new brick-and-mortar brewhouse, distillery, and restaurant in Grand Rapids after many months of anticipation.

The new location, called The Knickerbocker, spans 40,000 square feet at 417 Bridge Street NW in the West Side neighborhood of Grand Rapids. A ribbon-cutting ceremony and soft opening were held on September 13, with an official opening to the public on September 15.

The space features an expansive open layout with a four-story beer hall, a mezzanine that overlooks the brewing and distilling operations, and a separate cocktail lounge. Up to 40% of a building's exterior is its roof, which the Knickerbocker makes use of, too, with an outdoor beer garden and entertainment stage.

Behind the bar, you can find many of the classic New Holland beer flavors, with a special focus on their growing sour beer production and their small-batch whiskeys and spirits.

"We wanted, in Grand Rapids, to have a unique space to really highlight what we do with spirits," said New Holland VP of Marketing, Joel Patterson. "It's something we're so proud of and something that people aren't as aware of."

The food offerings promise to be equally artisanal, with a "rustic, seasonal menu" featuring nose-to-tail butchery, open-fire cooking, and local heirloom produce.

"We're offering Old World traditions with a fresh, current look at how to present them," said Dale Beaubien, executive chef for the Knickerbocker.

The restaurant and brewhouse are just the latest offering in a quickly-developing food and culture scene in Grand Rapid's West Side.

"We're just looking to add to what's already in Grand Rapids," Patterson said. "Grand Rapids has a wonderful scene. A lot of people doing great beer and great spirits and great food. We just wanted to add to that, and it's unique here in that all of those elements come together."

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