Blue Star

Scott Sullivan
As a man of God, he knows everything about pig poop, abominations and propaganda, whereas doubts plague me. I need to learn more before passing judgment.

In ”Ulysses,” Odysseus tells how adverse winds blew his ship off course to the land of the lotus eaters. His crew joined island inhabitants dining on the narcotic fruits and flowers, which were so delicious they left off caring about their home.

“Though they wept bitterly, I forced them back to the ships and made them fast under the benches (where) they smote the gray sea with their oars,” he said.

Should we praise Odysseus for staying on task or take him to task for not partaking? Farm-to-table offerings are the rage now, granted 3,000-plus years later. Was going home his own form of lotus?

Some people are so fixated they miss out on life’s other pleasures. Others work to avoid going home. Take me. I can write and take pictures fulltime—it’s like play for me—or go home and not be the boss of anything. My wife is the majordomo of our domestic scene, such as is.

Guys like me need a Dr. Don Boys Club to buoy our spirits. Boys writes essays with titles such as “Pious Preachers Promote Pernicious Propaganda!,” “Will Blood Flow Down Wall Street?,” “Drop Pig Poop on Mecca!” and more. He is parsimonious with periods for a reason: assertions pale when you’re full of rhetorical questions and exclamations.

“Does the Bible Require a Wife to Obey Her Husband?” asks Boys in his latest, as if he has any doubt.

I went home and read the piece to my wife.

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