Hopkins Public Schools: Jay Gibson

Hopkins Public Schools has three six-year seats open. Incumbent John Myers is joined on the ballot with challengers Benjamin Brenner, Jay Gibson, Traci Rhoades and Tamara Sevenski-Popma.

Information about Brenner, Gibson and Sevenski-Popma was obtained from the school district (not in response to the questionnaire that was sent to them).

Board treasurer Anita Kerber and trustee Dawn Buist chose not to run for reelection.

Candidates were each asked what they thought of the superintendent’s decisions and how they would address the district’s budget.

Jay Gibson

Gibson has lived in the district since 2006. He and his wife, Alexis, have two young sons. He has worked as an Allegan city policeman for 17 years and is also a team leader on the Allegan County SWAT Team. He has a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice and a Master of Science in criminal justice administration from Ferris State University.

“The school district was the driving force behind the purchase of (our) home, which stems from my fond memories and experiences in the school system.

“A six-year term is a big commitment, but I certainly did my due diligence before submitting the paperwork. I talked to my uncle, Steve VanderVeen, who served on the Allegan school board for many years; Dawn Buist; and many others before committing myself.

“I think my professional/life experience background illustrates that I believe in continued education.

“I have to use problem solving skills often, and am required to make decisions that can often be scrutinized.

“I have never regretted making the right decision over what may have been the more popular one. Go Vikings!”


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