Hopkins Public Schools: John Myers

Hopkins Public Schools has three six-year seats open. Incumbent John Myers is joined on the ballot with challengers Benjamin Brenner, Jay Gibson, Traci Rhoades and Tamara Sevenski-Popma.

Information about Brenner, Gibson and Sevenski-Popma was obtained from the school district (not in response to the questionnaire that was sent to them).

Board treasurer Anita Kerber and trustee Dawn Buist chose not to run for reelection.

Candidates were each asked what they thought of the superintendent’s decisions and how they would address the district’s budget.

John Myers

Myers, 45, has lived in the district for 40 years. His wife Janine and he have three children, all of whom have attended Hopkins Public Schools; Nicholas and Jacob have graduated and are off to college, and Lauren is currently a junior at the high school. He is a self-employed carpenter/general contractor. A 1987 graduate of Hopkins

High School, he attended Ferris State University in Grand Rapids to obtain his construction administration certificate.

“I hope to use my experience as a current board member to continue to help the district in these difficult financial times.

“The difficult decisions made by the board and our prior superintendent Mr. Stephens have started the district down the road to a more stable financial situation.

“I feel that our current Superintendent Mr. Wood knows the situation well and will continue to help make the appropriate decisions to continue this improvement.

“I feel it is important that we as a board, administration and staff continue to seek new and creative ways to keep costs down, as well as keep the pressure on our legislators to restore the K-12 funding that is still far short of where it needs to be.”


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