Hopkins Public Schools: Tamara Sevenski-Popma

Hopkins Public Schools has three six-year seats open. Incumbent John Myers is joined on the ballot with challengers Benjamin Brenner, Jay Gibson, Traci Rhoades and Tamara Sevenski-Popma.

Information about Brenner, Gibson and Sevenski-Popma was obtained from the school district (not in response to the questionnaire that was sent to them).

Board treasurer Anita Kerber and trustee Dawn Buist chose not to run for reelection.

Candidates were each asked what they thought of the superintendent’s decisions and how they would address the district’s budget.

Tamara Sevenski-Popma

Sevenski-Popma has lived in the district more than nine years. She and her husband, Bob, have a son, Seth. She works as a strategic account executive at United Healthcare. She majored in computer science at Lansing Community College and earned an Agent Insurance License in accident, health and life at Michigan State University.

“As a proud resident of Hopkins, I am very pleased with the education my son is receiving in our schools. However, the economic well-being of this district is threatened by the size of the current school budget.

“I am frustrated at the amount of taxpayer money spent over the past few years on line items that may have been unwanted, unnecessary and not in furtherance of its mission to provide our students with a world class education.

“As the current president of the Hopkins Middle School Partners Group (PTO), I have witnessed frustration regarding some decisions in our district. Our administration, teachers and staff have historically done an excellent job, and I want to work to nurture that legacy through the promotion of a positive working environment.”


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