Hopkins Public Schools: Traci Rhoades

Hopkins Public Schools has three six-year seats open. Incumbent John Myers is joined on the ballot with challengers Benjamin Brenner, Jay Gibson, Traci Rhoades and Tamara Sevenski-Popma.

Information about Brenner, Gibson and Sevenski-Popma was obtained from the school district (not in response to the questionnaire that was sent to them).

Board treasurer Anita Kerber and trustee Dawn Buist chose not to run for reelection.

Candidates were each asked what they thought of the superintendent’s decisions and how they would address the district’s budget.

Traci Rhoades

Rhoades, 40, has lived in the district two years with her husband Ryan and their daughter. Rhoades is a stay-at-home mother and a writer. She earned a Bachelor of Science in communication from Missouri State University.

“I will work to promote my belief that every child should graduate from high school with a foundation of ABCs:

“Academics that prepare them for higher education, technical training, or the workforce.

“Base curiosity to make them a lifelong learner. A good teacher awakens a natural curiosity that exists in every child. A good administration gives teachers the resources and freedom needed to establish this love of learning.

“Confidence instilled in every child to be themselves, while allowing others to be themselves as well.

“Our superintendent is in his first year. I’ll join the school board when things are fresh and new.

“On the school board, my communication background can help bring community and staff together to create a budget that meets all our needs.”


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