Quotes from Bible cannot be ‘hate speech’

To the editor,

Phil Robertson has exposed the coming wave of “hate speech” and its effect in the market place. While Phil may not have used gentle speech in his description of homosexuality, the greater concern to me is his Biblical quotes of Corinthians and Romans.

When Phil quotes Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 or Galatians 5:19-21, he is not expressing his opinion, but scripture.

The eye-opening fact is how commentators are receiving the scriptural references. Some commentators have labeled the quotes, as “misguided,” “hate speech”—and some even knew where the quotes came from.

The caution I am pointing out is that, as a society, we are closer to suppressing religious liberty.

While many homosexual rights group scream about the lack of tolerance toward them, they show intolerance and, in some cases, hate speech toward those who disagree with them. A&E has chosen to be a bully pulpit for homosexuality. A&E should not be shocked that the majority of the public does not agree with them.

The Christian’s dilemma is the misrepresentation by the press and those with a political/social agenda.

Christians who believe the Bible and its teaching hold to one-man-one-woman marriage. They also see homosexuality as a sin. It does not matter if it is politically correct or not.

The family instituted by God is not “two people who love each other.” Same sex marriage is not marriage, but an attempt to redefine the family and marriage.

Phil Robertson is a man of integrity. He and his family portray the best of America. They are businessmen who work hard for their money. They have a strong family. They love God, speak their mind and stand by one another. It is no wonder they are a big hit.

What Phil is experiencing is what many Christians are already experiencing—the pressure to be silent and “get in line with everybody else.”

Thank you, Phil and your family, for standing true and not ducking the issue.

Pastor Austin T. Kreutz, Living Word Family Church

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