Writer should hold parties to same standards

To the editor,

The recent spate of letters from your frequent contributor, Mr. Seyl, makes me wonder just how he squares his opinion of the Obama administration with the actions of the Republican Party and its evil twin the Tea Party.

I find it interesting that the accountability Mr. Seyl demands of the president is somehow absent when it comes to his favorite political party.

To be fair, Mr. Seyl is not alone when it comes to engaging in selective amnesia regarding the Republicans and their contribution to the divisive nature of politics in this country. The right-wing media regularly reminds us of that, but I haven’t seen much evidence that the GOP has worked for the “common good” lately.

After all, according to the public record, it has been the Republican Party that has thumbed its collective nose at the poor, the unemployed, the sick, women’s reproductive health, veterans, the elderly, immigrants, people of color, non-Christians, victims of gun violence, single mothers and their kids, minimum wage-earners, union members, education, climate change, the environment, science and voters rights—but, hey, they aren’t the dreaded liberals, so I guess all is forgiven.

I don’t think for one minute the Democrats are blameless in any of this—there are plenty of corporatists in that party as well, but few of them engage in the all-out obstructionism the GOP does.

I have yet to see from Mr. Seyl details of the freedoms he has lost, the parts of the Constitution that have unraveled, and the doom that has befallen the nation lately.

As any high school debater knows, Mr. Seyl, you can usually sell a point of view when backed up by facts. Perhaps it’s time you started using some.

Jerry Vilenski, Plainwell

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