Man sent to prison for assault on Plainwell woman

Daniel Pepper

A man who admitted choking his girlfriend and fled Plainwell police by jumping into the Kalamazoo River will serve a prison sentence for the crimes.
Kenneth Craig Moose, 28, was sentenced to 29 months to five years in prison for attempted assault by strangulation.
Allegan County Prosecuting Attorney Roberts Kengis argued for the prison sentence Monday, Oct. 30.
“I do feel a prison term is appropriate,” Kengis said. “This was very violent conduct Mr. Moose engaged in.”
Kengis suggested a sentence of 20 months to five years.
Moose pleaded guilty in August and admitted to choking his girlfriend during a fight and then running from Plainwell public safety officers who responded to the report of a domestic disturbance on West Bridge Street.
Moose’s lawyer, Frederick Walter Jensen, Jr., argued his client should receive a jail term and probation.
“Outside this incident, he’s not been a violent offender,” Jensen said.
He said Moose had a criminal record, but it wasn’t as extensive as some. Jensen suggested Moose would benefit from the Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program and a boot camp program.
“He does have a supportive family,” Jensen said.
Moose told the court he was sorry.
“I’m sorry for what I’ve done,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of time in the Allegan County Jail and I’ve been in NA, the community reentry unit, Bible Study, family victorious.
“I just want another chance.”
Judge Margaret Zuzich Bakker said Moose’s offense toward a woman he was in a relationship was very violent.
“You put her in a headlock and put your hand over her mouth,” Bakker said. “You covered her mouth and nose so she couldn’t breath.
“She had to fake going limp to get you to stop. Then you hugged her and said, ‘Sorry you made me do this.’”
To do that because the girlfriend took Moose’s phone, Bakker said, was very worrisome.
“You almost killed your girlfriend because she took your phone,” she said.
Moose had also exhibited other abusive and controlling behavior toward the victim, like only allowing her to go to the store at certain times and demanding to always know where she was. “The court feels it’s a safety issue for the community,” Bakker said.
The judge also sentenced Moose to 174 days in jail, with credit for 174 days already served, for attempted assaulting/resisting/obstructing police.
Moose pleaded to the two crimes as part of a plea agreement with Allegan County prosecutors, who agreed to drop assault by strangulation and assaulting/resisting/obstructing police charges, not charge Moose as a third felony offender and not seek charges for witness intimidation based on contacts between Moose and the victim in the case.
The crime happened about 11:45 a.m. May 10 when police were called the 300 block of East Bridge Street in Plainwell. The victim told officers Moose was hiding upstairs and he leaped off a second-story balcony and ran along the river. Officers chased him on foot and Moose jumped into the river behind the Trestle Bridge complex and tried floating downstream.
Otsego Police Department officers and Allegan County Sheriff’s Office deputies joined the chase.
Moose ignored lines to him thrown by police, but eventually pulled himself out of the river on the north bank near First Avenue before he’d reached the US-131 bridge. Police said he wasn’t in shape to resist by that point and he was arrested and charged.
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