Plainwell approves site plan for storage shed, Taser purchase

Ryan Lewis

Plainwell City council members approved a site plan for Ace Parking Lot Striping at thir meeting Monday, Nov. 27.
The industrial park business is replacing a cold storage barn that had been knocked over in a previous winter storm, according to Brian Kelley, the city’s clerk-treasurer.
He said council members approved the site plan for the 112-by-80-foot building on the recommendation of the city planning commission, which reviewed it earlier in the month.
In other business, council members approved a request to replace several outdated electronic control devises, or ECDs, for the public safety department.
In a memorandum to city council members, public safety director Bill Bomar said the department would like to purchase two Axon Tasers and their accessories.
“This purchase will replace our first generation Taser X26 models that were purchased in 2005 and 2006,” Bomar wrote. “Taser, the manufacture of the X26, will no longer provide service other than providing battery and cartridge replacements.
“The X26s owned by the department are considered no longer functional and well past their expected useful life. Officers have reported some minor service issues, and one has recently been taken out of service.”
For $4,337.52, the department will get the Tasers, 11 holsters, 28 cartridges, a Data-port Download Kit and a Conductive Target.
“At this time, on-duty officers will be required to share the two new ECDs. Additional ECDs will be considered in future budget years,” Bomar said. “The use of an ECD when apprehending combative suspects has been proven to prevent officer and suspect injuries. The use of an ECD provides law enforcement officers additional less-lethal options when confronted by dangerous subjects.”
He said the purchase was included as part of the current budget.
Denise Siegel, Plainwell’s community development manager, said there were two weeks left for the indoor farmers’ market.
“We started Nov. 4 and we run through Dec. 9,” she said. “We have some different vendors each week, so it’s always good to check it out.”
She said around 300 customers visited the market, which has more than 20 vendors, last week; that was due to it being Shop Small Saturday.
“So we hope people continue to come out to see what’s there,” Siegel said. “We have live musical entertainment each week, too. This week and next, we’ll have Jake West and Friends performing. they usually start around 10:30 a.m.”
She said she reminded council members at the short Monday meeting that families can also get their picture taken for a small fee and that each market day also features a wine tasting.
The market also accepts SNAP benefits.
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