Plainwell city’s audit puts it in ‘elite group’

Daniel Pepper

The City of Plainwell’s audit report indicated it is “in an elite group” among municipalities for its financial practices.
Auditor Dan Veldhuizen of Siegfried Crandall gave a report to the city council Monday, Nov. 13, and explained the firm had not had to have city officials make any significant adjustments to its financial accounting or practices in order to sign off.
“I work with 50 municipalities and I only say that three times per year,” Veldhuizen said. “You’re in an elite group.”
He said that was a mark of quality beyond a clean or unqualified audit, which would indicate that the auditor had examined the city’s practices and records.
The mark of excellence would be in the lack of adjustments.
He lauded city clerk/treasurer Bryan Kelley for his work in preparing the city’s financial statements himself, rather than having the auditor do it as is common.
“That fact may say relatively little to you, but it says a lot to us,” Veldhuizen said.
The rest of the report said that Plainwell’s fund balance of 25 percent above yearly expenditures was in a good place, above the 15 percent average for cities in Michigan and the 19 percent it had been the previous fiscal year.


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