Recount fails to alter prosecutor race

By Gary Voss

Volunteers representing precincts across Allegan County assembled at the Allegan Township Hall on September 2-4, 2020 to recount the ballots from the August 4, 2020 primary election. The objective was

to examine each ballot to ensure that the original result of the Allegan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Republican race between Myrene Koch, the incumbent, and Michael Villar, the challenger, was correctly tabulated.

The official count certified by the Allegan County and the State of Michigan Boards of Canvassers awarded 8,864 votes for Koch and 8,847 for Villar. Even before the certification was complete, Villar requested a recount on the basis that the margin was only 17 votes, there may have been errors related to absentee ballots, and what Villar termed “irregularities” in Fillmore Township that did not report until 4 AM on August 5th.

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