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Civil Rites
Scott Sullivan
My first thought was, “Fly it, ‘Papa.’ It’s your right to make a fool of yourself as long you don’t hurt others. Same with Nazis wannabes who sport swastikas and U.S. flag burners. I find all three of those acts repugnant. But if my support for free speech extends only as far as things I believe in, how am I not a hypocrite?

Pro-free speech? Me too. So what do you think of the “Papa Rod” yacht owner flying the Confederate flag here locally?

“Papa” sailed by last week’s “pirate invasion”—during which re-enactors “abducted” Saugatuck Mayor Bill Hess and collected “ransom” to pay for Venetian Festival fireworks—and whatever he meant to say with the flag was noted.

Some said it stands for pride in the South. The Stars and Stripes flew over slave-holding states for 86 years, the Confederate flag just four years. Others argued the Southern states seceded to maintain black slavery. When was a “civil war” ever civil? The racism that flag stands for, the said, aches especially after one of its proud displayers killed nine black people during a Charleston, S.C., church service.

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