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Back to relativity. Growing up in the 1960s, I saw TV shows go down the boob tubes firsthand. Classic sit-coms like “F Troop,” “Green Acres,” and “My Mother the Car” gave way to tripe like “The Brady Bunch” at the same time my three younger brothers took over our set and I gave up TV for reading. Just because I still recall every word from the theme songs for all those shows doesn’t mean they affected my brain.

Nothing proves everything is relative like the new study saying watching TV may cause brain damage.

The Northern California Institute of Research and Education, which tracked people for 25 years starting in young adulthood, found folks who watched more than four hours daily and had sedentary lifestyles scored lower on cognitive performance tests and were more likely to suffer dementia later.

If you find this shocking, wait till the next new, 25-year-old study finds Donald Trump has an ego.

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