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Scott Sullivan
The answer, my friend, is the power of pyramids topped by the all-seeing eye of God, as shown on the backs of our dollar bills. We need to purchase the now-empty Steelcase pyramid south of Grand Rapids, move it to Saugatuck’s old airport property and have all local players move in beneath its roof. We’d have plenty of room to accommodate local police, DPWs, bureaucrats and businesses. Space for egos? The universe is not on the market. Yet.

Speculation abounds on the future of everything, much less Saugatuck and Douglas.

Commentators weigh in highly critical of a state of affairs that is highly worthy of criticism. Friends and peers—the people they hear from most—cheer them on.

Thus emboldened, critics sharpen attacks, using ridicule as a weapon. Guess how their victims—people involved in that state of affairs as it is—react?

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