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artificial brain
Scott Sullivan
The new brain is the size of a pencil eraser, a big in-crease. If only it were that functional. Based on stem-cell engineering—the root of evil, if you believe God squadders like Cindy Gamrat—it boasts a spinal cord, all major brain regions, multiple cell types, signaling circuitry and a retina. The main thing missing is a vascular system to circulate blood to its not-existing body. If only Cindy, too, had stayed in her Petri dish.

Ohio State University scientists claim they’ve developed a nearly-complete human brain. In Buckeye land, that’s a first.

Biological chemistry and pharmacology professor Rene Anand has joined fellow Nuts Jeffrey Dahmer and Maurice Clarett as authorities on how drugs affect the brain. He claims his lab-grown organoid contains 99 percent of the genes found in human fetal brains.

“The power of this model bodes well for human health,” said Anand, “because it gives us better and more-relevant options to test and develop therapeutics other than rodents.”

Ohio knows all about rat experiments. Before Urban Meyer, Jim Tressel and Woody Hayes worked wonders with football giants whose wits came from nerve centers at the base of their spines. If that.

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