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Invasive plans
Scott Sullivan
Last week’s headline was a typo. Not as classic as ones about people arrested for “wreckless” driving or “pubic” vs. private sectors debates, but probably just as Freudian. Who doesn’t love talking boldly about things we never intend to do?

Sleepless in Saugatuck? Dazed in Douglas? You’ve not seen the start of it. Just when you thought Oriental bittersweet, Japanese knotweed, Asian carp and other non-natives threatened the Western Hemisphere, we announced last week in a front-page headline “Conservancy fights invasive plans.”

Think invasive plants are bad? Plans are worse. Plants grow out of Mother Earth, plans in people’s brains.

Phragmites, purple loosestrife, garlic mustard? Pluck ‘em! Burn, spray or nuke ‘em, if you have to.

But if Douglas or Saugatuck hire Edgewater Resources, Fleis & Vandenbrink, Williams & Works ... the usual suspects ... to draft feasibility studies, preliminary sketches and such, there will be no end to them. With all these prefaces, when do we get around to the book?

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