“WAP”, “Cuties” too explicit for pre-teens
Mike Wilcox - Publisher

I would never label myself a “stick in the mud.” I like all types of music including hip hop. I’m pretty darn tolerant when it comes to sexually explicit movies and jargon. But within a matter of weeks that tolerance has been stretched

thin by Cardi B’s WAP and Netflix’s “Cuties.”

Cardi B, a rapper who has collaborated with a number of music’s top performers, released WAP a few months ago.

It has steadily climbed the Billboard charts, much to the chagrin of many, including myself, who are offended by the sexually explicit lyrics. Essentially Cardi B and Megan Three Stallion discuss how they want men to please them using several sexual innuendos.

Here’s a sampling:

“Beat it up, n----, catch a charge, Extra large and extra hard Put this p---- right in your face, Swipe your nose like a credit card, Hop on top, I wanna ride I do a kegel while it’s inside.”

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