State of the Union (Enterprise): Fun Easter contest

Daniel Pepper, Staff Writer

With Easter approaching, we came up with a way to share with our readers something inspired partly by how my dad (or mom, neither would confirm or deny) thought the toilet boat was funny.

It goes back to when I was a kid and the dyeing, hiding and finding of Easter eggs was big fun for everyone.

My folks would spread out through the house while we were asleep and hide eggs here, there and everywhere. And they delighted in finding an ingenious spot to baffle the children by hiding them.

I remember getting in trouble for standing on the table to check an overhead light and feeling like my defense of “You guys would totally put an egg in there!” was unfairly ruled as not justifying putting my feet where we ate dinner.

Inside the cover of the record player, behind the windup clock, under the couch; you had to check all sorts of places. In the microwave? No. Under the sink? No. But in the dishwater? Better check.

I’m gonna say the craziest was probably when I went into the bathroom to check the medicine cabinet and saw my toy cabin cruiser had put to sea in the toilet bowl and had two Easter eggs aboard.

So I want to share that joy and ask all readers of our papers that partake of the hiding Easter eggs tradition to join us and share your best egg-hiding spots.

Find the Union Enterprise on Facebook ( where we’ll put up a post for the contest. Post a picture of your best hiding spot—or the silliest, or the funniest, or the most memorable—in the comments. then get your friends to like your picture (or whichever one they like most).

We’ll tote up the likes on Monday at 5 p.m. and put the winner in the paper. They'lla also get a free year’s subscription to the paper, your choice of e-edition via email or a paper paper via the U.S. Postal Service.

This is an excerpt of Mr. Pepper's column in the April 13 issue of The Union Enterprise. Read it in full on newstands throughout the Otsego and Plainwell area on online through our e-edition.

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